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Free Smoke Alarms

Campbellsburg Fire and Rescue Department (CFRD) now provides smoke alarms at no cost to people in the Campbellsburg Fire & Rescue protection area through a grant attained by the Kentucky Injury Prevention Council.

Citizens should call to have free smoke alarms installed at no cost to them if:

  • Their smoke alarms are 10 years old or older
  • They don’t have at least one on each level of the home
  • They don’t have one in each bedroom or sleeping area
  • They are unsure if they have enough or are unsure of the age of the one(s) they have

Citizens may contact us at 502-653-9313 which is a dedicated voicemail line for this program.

Once they call they should leave:

  • A contact name at the location where the smoke alarms need to be installed (especially if calling for someone else)
  • An address with, City and zip code where smoke alarms need to be installed (we protect areas outside of Campbellsburg or it’s zip code)
  • A phone number of the person who will be at the address where smoke alarms need to be installed
  • Any specific time of day that will be convenient for us return their call such as morning, afternoon or evening, weekday or weekend.
  • Any questions about smoke alarms or fire safety in general
  • If they are unsure if they are in our fire protection area we will do everything we can to get them smoke alarms regardless

A member of Campbellsburg Fire and Rescue Department will return your call prior to us coming out to confirm a time and date that will work for all parties involved.

We ask that citizens keep in mind that the department is totally volunteer and that the members who will be installing them will have to work around their job, family and school schedules but will do their best to come at a time convenient to all involved.

Captain Mike Hilliard who is in charge of Fire Safety Education & Risk Prevention, will return your call and answer any questions you may have prior to someone coming out if you are uncertain about your needs or if you have other related questions.